Thursday, October 29, 2009

Three months ago Poly held a contest with Quiksilver/The Standard
The challenge was to create an outfit featuring their shorts, but also inspired by one of the cities. Miami, New York, Down Town LA and Hollywood. I made a set for all four cities, but it was my little Havana boy that got 1st place! I FINALLY recieved my prize in the mail, lol .Below is a picture of the yumminess. So my one night stay at The StandardHotel will be in NY, downtown Manhattan, facing the skyline. I don't know when i will go,thinking thinking.... but i will keep you posted! Take a look at the fabulous hotel, awe can't wait!
Little Havana, Cabana Boy!

There was also a contest with in poly. I got 3rd place and got to pick a lovely prize. I picked this awesome cosmetic bag with "God save the queen" from the Sex pistols. Let me tell you, i LOVe it. It's a pretty good size to fit anything, cell phone, keys, things other then make-up, which i don't wear any only lip-gloss and once in a while some Limecrime.
BUT i love it. It rocks, and it even has a tiny mirror attached to it, aweeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Poly held a contest "Walk in Paris Hilton Shoes". We had to "Create an outfit on Polyvore that showcases your dream billionaire lifestyle". The winner would win a free pair of Paris Hilton shoes for a year, meaning a Hot pair of Paris's new shoe line each month. Paris herself picked the winner.
So HAPPY and excited to say it was me! WOOT WOOT. Paris picked my settie, what an honor to be selected among all the other fabulous sets i saw. She even tweeted it to her 7 million followers in twitter. I was wondering why my email was filled with "new followers" LOL
But WOW, i will keep a monthly journal on my shoes and take lovely pictures and post them here. So stay tune.

Here is her tweet : Congratulations @PaintHeadsWorld on winning my Polyvore shoe contest! You just won Paris Hilton shoes for a year! Huge! xoxo Paris
1:35 PM Oct 26th from web

Here is my winning set Paris picked herself.

Monday, October 26, 2009

When there are no words to say!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Down the Color Hole!

Recently i went to the please touch museum wearing my Vertical Jagged Striped Tights from WE Love Colors. I figured it would be the best day to try them out, since i would be walking around and moving about. Have you ever had leggings or tights that you had to keep pulling up or keep tugging at? It's annoying, but these tights were heavenly. I never once pulled them up or had to fix them. They stood in place and were so comfortable, well fitted and oh so lovely. I never recieved so many looks and comments from tights before. With my lovely tights i went on an adventure. I went down the color hole like Alice. I followed the rabbit and still made it on time for tea. Alice even wanted my tights, i told her to get her own pair. I highly recommend leggings and tights from We Love Colors. They come in all colors and awesome patterns. Above all they are really comfortable and make any outfit look fabulous even if your falling down a hole.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009